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And don't forget all the charming details that tie everything together, from parasols and pearls to groom's cakes and bourbon. Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but affording it is another story entirely. No matter which type of wedding venue you choose or what type of theme fits your personalities, make sure you've created a budget and that you're sticking with it. The Knot Budgeter can help keep you on track! But before you take that important step, here's a little background info on how many couples are tying the knot in South Carolina, plus what you can expect to pay for common wedding costs in South Carolina, as reported by The Knot Real Weddings Study.

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  • So how many couples are actually getting married in South Carolina? Turns out that marriage rates in the state are a little higher than the national average, with 7.

    How to Apply For a Marriage License in South Carolina: 12 Steps

    Getting a sense of what you'll pay for your wedding day expenses will make it easier to budget and negotiate with vendors. Above you'll find average costs for some of the more common wedding categories. However, the following three places stand out as the most popular wedding destinations:.

    While we hope that planning your wedding feels like it's filled with fun events like cake tastings and finding the perfect DJ or band, there are some strings attached to tying the knot in the Palmetto State. Understanding the ins and outs of not only getting your South Carolina marriage license, but also taking care of details like permits and changing your name s , is equally important in the weeks and months leading up to saying "I do.

    In order to apply for a South Carolina marriage license, both you and your spouse-to-be must appear at the office of a South Carolina probate judge. Additionally, you will need to provide the following:. Both residents and non-residents are able to obtain a South Carolina marriage license and must use it in the state, within six months of issuance. You must also have a qualified officiant preside over your wedding ceremony, sign the marriage license and return it to a probate judge within this six-month period. The following individuals are recognized as a qualified officiants within the state of South Carolina:.

    Depending on your chosen South Carolina wedding venue, you may need to apply for special permits before your ceremony. For outdoor locations, including national or municipal parks, historical sites and beach settings, you'll most likely need permits for using the space for your ceremony or reception. If you plan to incorporate special displays, such as a fireworks send off, you may also need to obtain a permit to do so.

    Work with your South Carolina wedding planner and any applicable vendors in order to ensure that your wedding events comply with any local or state permitting requirements. After the wedding, you or your spouse may desire to change your name to reflect your new union. You can take advantage of simple online services, such as HitchSwitch , to streamline the process for you. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way by contacting individual institutions with which you are associated.

    Use The Knot guide to changing your name for more information about how to go through the process on your own. For changing your name with the South Carolina DMV, you will need to provide the following documents:. On par with the national trend toward fall wedding celebrations, most South Carolina brides—38 percent—opted for a fall wedding in Spring weddings are a surprising second, with over 30 percent of weddings taking place during March through May.

    Summer weddings captured 22 percent of South Carolina couples' special dates, while winter weddings trailed behind in popularity, with less than 10 percent of couples marrying in the cooler months. South Carolina experiences all four seasons to varying degrees. The region is categorized and a humid subtropical climate and experiences very hot, humid summers and more mild winters.

    South Carolina Marriage License Information

    Research Wiki. This page was last edited on 17 January , at This page has been viewed 6, times 0 via redirect Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. More marriage information is usually found on the marriage license application or the marriage register.

    South Carolina Marriage License

    Less information is found on the marriage certificate. Marriage Records Choose a time period: Before to to Present Marriage year unknown.

    Try these databases. Marriage information is taken from substitute records such as church records. Free using Ancestryinstitution at FamilySearch Centers. Free , incomplete, index only.

    FEATURED SC Wedding Resources

    Visit your local family history center or your local public library. County probate judge's offices.

    Expedited service on VitalChek. Contact the Richland County Probate Court for more information.

    Wedding Ceremony

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