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Results from a Florida inmate search will reveal a first and last name, age, location, and a possible release date associated with this prisoner. If you want more details, consider upgrading to a full background report which may have information about their arrest and criminal records. To find a prisoner using a Miami-Dade Inmate Search , follow the instructions provided in the paragraph above.

The MCDR houses over 7, inmates in six different detention facilities. It books approximately individuals per day, and , inmates per year.

Florida Inmate Search

If you can't find the person you are looking for with a standard inmate search or you simply want more information about their case , you can purchase an Instant Checkmate membership to activate a full background check on a person. In some cases, an inmate may be released early or transferred to another jurisdiction for prosecution, which is why they may not appear in an inmate search.

A background report can search for local, state, and federal public records related to someone, and compile those records in one easy-to-read report. You just need a first and last name to search, although if someone has a common name like John Jones it's advisable to include a location and age in your search to narrow your results.

176,000 people from Florida are behind bars today

Instant Checkmate may have criminal records related to a person. The following section explains what may appear in the Criminal Record section of a background report.

​SCI Muncy

Instant Checkmate has access to criminal and arrests records, which may appear on a report. Criminal records are obtained from public records and local courthouses. Information relating to pending or ongoing cases are usually not released by the courts until the case is concluded. Here's what may be included in a standard criminal record:.

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It's the 28th largest jail in the United States, and it's the only jail in Pinellas County. Located on 54 acres of land, the Pinellas County Jail houses approximately 3, inmates.

Free Florida Inmate Finder - Enter A Name and Locate Inmates

The jail has a capacity of 4, Both pre-trial and sentenced inmates are housed in the jail. Inmates located in the jail are serving a year or less.

There are four divisions: North, South, Health, and Central. There is one maximum security unit — the South Division.

The central division is a minimum security facility, and North has inmates of different security levels. The health division is for sick or injured prisoners. The state of Florida has an estimated 99, inmates However, this information may change quickly.

Three Florida Corrections Officers arrested for smuggling cash into state prison

You are cautioned that the information on this site may not reflect the current status regarding an offender. Due to possible changes in the application of Risk Reduction Earned Credits, release dates may be subject to change. And, due to limitations within our current computer system we cannot process all the statutes with their respective subsections. Information regarding offenders held under Connecticut's Youthful Offender Statute and offenders held on behalf of the U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not included in this database at this time.

Questions about the status of inmates being held on U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers should be referred to the ICE regional office at