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We rely on our internal privacy team and a comprehensive review process for any new product launch. We are dedicated at every level of product development to making privacy a key consideration — from engineering to product management. This helps ensure that people can trust the Google products they enjoy every day. We protect you online with industry-leading security. One of the biggest decisions parents of childbearing age face is often whether to have another child. There can be an intense desire to fill the emptiness created. However, no child can ever replace another child.

Sometimes parents have conflicts because one parent wants another child, while the other does not. If this occurs, the couple may need to talk over the problem with a skilled professional. Once the decision is made to have another child, the couple may experience difficulty in getting pregnant because of tensions and anxieties. It is helpful if the couple shares the story of their loss and subsequent grief with health care providers.

Though difficult to imagine if your loss is recent, another big decision for parents is realizing that it is okay to be happy again and that it is okay to laugh. It is not easy and may even evoke feelings of guilt when the first laughter sneaks back into your life. Though difficult, it is important to know that just because you laugh or you experience happiness again, it is not a betrayal to the child that died but rather a tribute to them that they lived, especially when the laughter is from a memory they created.

Grieving the death of a child is a lifelong journey. You learn to live with the grief.

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I liken my grief journey to going on a hike with a backpack. Initially, when I put on the backpack loaded with water and supplies for the day, it feels so very, very heavy and I wonder how I will ever make it carrying that pack. However, after some time of walking with the backpack, it still weighs the same but I become more accustomed to carrying it. I learn how it is most comfortable to carry and adjust along the way. Carrying the loss of my son, Tony, is much the same way. It is a heavy burden to carry the loss of a child with you for the rest of your life.

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  8. It never goes away and you really cannot just set it aside. You will learn how to carry it that it is not as heavy when you first started. You will not forever continue to the daily, agonizing pain you feel in the first months and years. The time frame for grief cannot be tightly defined. There are marked differences among individuals, even between a mother and father.

    There are many ups and downs. One day or week, a grieving parent may feel better and think the difficult times are behind.

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    However, some minor experience can suddenly cause sharp, piercing pain. Over time, the good days out-number the bad ones. Parents can become involved with life activities fully and can see options and possibilities for the future. Happy and constructive memories can be remembered and discussed with painful memories less prominent.

    Still, these bursts of grief pain can be just as intense decades later although they do not occur as often. Likewise, events that the child missed such as high school or college graduation and marriage can be difficult. It is extremely important for grieving parents to be patient with themselves and with their spouse when the bad days come.

    Gradually, over time, the grief softens, the backpack seems a little lighter, and you can enjoy life again. We are forever changed. We are not forever sad but it is impossible to be the person we were before this profound loss. On the positive side, a tragic loss such as ours over time can give rise to renewed meaning and personal growth. Many have refocused their lives, becoming a better person, developing clearer spiritual beliefs, and finding important ways to contribute to society. The death of a child affects everyone in the family in similar but yet different ways.

    It is important to remember that everyone grieves but does not express their grief the same.

    You will likely find that your family members exhibit feelings of loss in a variety of ways. Even though we are keenly aware of the experience of our loss as parents, it is important to remember that if you have other children, they too suffer a unique loss of their own. It is ironic that there are countless books on preparing a child for accepting a new baby brother or baby sister but you will find little on the death of a brother or a sister.

    Siblings are often referred to as the forgotten mourners. Siblings lose their brother or sister but also lose the parents that once were. If your other children are older, they are often asked how you or the other parent are doing rather than being asked how they are doing.

    Best people search services 12222: Find the people missing from your life

    Grandparents suffer as well. Grandparents often set their grief aside to help the parents, brothers, and sisters of the family. If you are fortunate enough to still have your parents, remember that they grieve too. The mission of The Compassionate Friends is to provide support not only to parents but to also support siblings and grandparents. In couples, fathers and mothers may find they express their grief differently than each other.

    Men, in our society, have often been programmed from early childhood not to show feelings; thus, some fathers may tend to hide their feelings or have difficulty talking about their child. In addition, fathers are often not shown the same kind of support from friends and relatives that is given to the mother. One father complained bitterly that whenever he ran into a friend or relative they asked how his wife was doing and totally avoided asking how he was doing.

    The resultant bottled-up feelings may lead to physical symptoms or behavioral change such as extreme irritability or bossy, demanding comments. Mothers often grieve more openly. They need to talk frequently about their child, about the circumstances of the death, and about their feelings.

    Too, their deep grief responses may continue for a long period after death, whereas fathers may be forced to move forward faster. This may be difficult for some fathers. In addition, both the mother and father may become irritable which also affects their relationship with each other. Initially, I assumed what was comforting for me would be comforting for my husband as well. I scrambled to find every picture we had of Tony. I wanted to make sure they were put together and stored safely.

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    I wanted to look intently at each picture as if reaffirming my memories, I would cherish forever. I wanted my husband to do this with me. After a few tense weekends, I learned he could not handle looking at pictures where looking at pictures provided me comfort. Since our ability to share feelings is not gender related but based on many variables including our personalities and experiences with feelings as a child, these stereotypical views of grief should not be considered cast in stone.

    Mothers may have difficulty in expressing their pain and fathers may be the more open and verbal of the couple. It may be difficult to face and share these very personal and painful feelings even with each other. Sharing the pain is an important aspect of grief work and is vitally important in maintaining the relationship. It is important during these difficult periods for couples to keep open the lines of communication, even though communication when under stress is very difficult. To keep the communication open and to restore a feeling of closeness, parents may need to plan times to be together—alone.

    A night out for dinner or a weekend away from the family may be necessary. Talking to a professional or to other bereaved parents may help to enhance communication if there are problems. Many professionals have heard, believe, and repeat that percent of marriages fail after a child dies. Studies have proven this a myth. In actuality, a very low rate of marriages fail after a child dies. Generally, these marriages were in trouble before the child died. When a couple has had a child die, it is reassuring to know that it is rare for them to face the additional stress of a failed marriage.

    Marriages survive because the life of the child—and the death of the child—was a shared experience.