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For information on other states driver's license numbers see this page. I've written programs so you can can calculate your license number based on your personal information, or you can determine your personal information from your driver's license number: State Info to Number Number to Info Florida Calculate Florida Analyze Florida Illinois Calculate Illinois Analyze Illinois Wisconsin Calculate Wisconsin Analyze Wisconsin Here is a Java applet for encoding these states. A number of states encode your name, gender, and date of birth in your license number. These include Florida, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

These states use the same system of encoding, or very similar ones. Given someone's driver's license number from one of these states, you can take good guesses at someone's name and exactly determine their gender and date of birth. With someone's name, date of birth, and gender, you can guess some or all of their driver's license number. I expect this same system applies to State IDs, but I don't know. I'm not really sure why these numbers are designed so. A likely guess is that it allows a skilled bouncer to quickly identify sloppy fake ids.

Requesting Another Person's Record

I don't know anything else about it. You might want to look at further information on how soundex works. The example soundex is F, so the example name starts with F, so the name starts with an F, followed by a gutteral or sibilant, followed by a nasal, followed by another nasal. This is correct, as the example person's last name is "Fakename" For my license generator, I simply implement this.

For my license reverser, I simply take likely guesses. I also generated the Soundex code for the top 10, ish last names in the US, and I suggest the top 10 for any given code. So, the example FFF code is Looking it up, it's William or Wilma A.

FFF - Encoded first name and middle initial

If it had been , we would simply know at the their initials are A. Since the example was generated for "William Andrew Fakename" this is correct. Y-Y - Your birth year The two numbers together represent the year of your birth.

Was IS Leader al-Baghdadi Released from a U.S. Prison in Obama Era?

If you are born in , it should read '68'. This is the easiest information to pick out of a WDL, and is often used to spot fakes. The example Y-Y code is However, it was not but just to make sure, I want to check the date the ticket was written in Gardendale, AL. He had his license with him and had lost the one before. I think he is being rolled and I want to prove it. We are both on disability and have very little money. We got a public defender to get them thrown out because he was only receiving However, they threw out a ticket for no tag light but was given the driving on expired license and an expired tag.

The vehicle belonged to a friend and they had been working on our car until in the a. He asked if everything was legal on the vehicle and was told yes. This was a lie. They told us the next day that they assumed he would be pulled over. Some friend. Anyway is there a way I can check for free to see when these tickets were written? I think we are being rooked. We are happy to perform a driving record search for you and see what tickets appear on your friends record.

If you provide us with her full name, state of residence and age we can proceed. Please be aware that the information obtained using SearchQuarry.

Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated. It has come back without being delivered. I tried calling a number at Vellore after searching for some details and the guy who spoke to me said the DL holder has left his employ and he knew nothing more. Is there a way to get in touch with the DL holder? It seems like he could be a driver. And DL must be very important to him and might be in trouble if he waits for the duplicate to happen.

All of us know he might have to spend more than needed by the government.

How to Find Someone By Driver License | Legal Beagle

Any ideas? Last edited by Rehaan : 27th May at Reason: Adding some spacing for readability. Good to know you have taken so much efforts to find its rightful owner. Since it has come back undelivered, I would hand it over to the nearest police station where you found it. I feel, sending it to Vellore RTO is also an option which police may tell you.

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Re: Found someone else's Driving Licence. Not too many good men like you around. Originally Posted by Ravindra M.


Try the "Put Me In Touch" group on facebook to trace back to the original owner. There are multiple instances where lost stuff has reached back to their rightful owners.

I once found a valid Learners licence on the side of the road. Searched on FB but there were too many with the same name.