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We need state intervention to redesign the economy so we can more swiftly decarbonise and also prepare for the disruptions ahead. That means corporate support for changes in the law, perhaps even introducing a law on ecocide by corporations. We hope that by expressing these realisations, we can find ways for our knowledge and resources to help humanity respond to our climate emergency. That may mean supporting you from a distance as organisations, but closely as individuals. Or it may mean finding ways to support you more actively with our organisations.

Perhaps we can find ways to hold space open for your activism and ideas without any influence from the private sector. We will certainly work to ensure other companies do not get in your way. I do not speak for XR in presenting these suggestions. However, I am aware of the sentiment of many of the lead organisers and volunteers and believe that if business executives wish to support or engage as representatives of companies, then it will help to acknowledge the need for massive change.

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The XR leaders I have worked with all recognise that the difficulties we face require a great coming together of people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. They deliberately avoid blaming people or sectors, as they know we need to foster a culture of forgiveness and love, so we do not make matters worse as an unstable climate ruins our normal life. Like me, the XR leadership does not believe that one group or ideology has all the answers.

To help get things started, with Rabbi Newman, I shared some ideas for the kinds of economic reforms we will need to help us decarbonise and prepare for disruption, on the XR Blog. While we will need more ideas to be shared and trialled, the options for responding to the climate emergency must not be driven by those with more time and money to shape dialogues, policies and initiatives. In the Company of Revolutionaries. The Love in Deep Adaptation. This entry was posted on April 25, at pm and is filed under deep adaptation , Uncategorized.

Tagged: deep adaptation. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Jem: Thanks for the update. Great words Jem. I believe that the greatest challenge we face is finding solutions that are truly aligned with our biological inheritance and psychological potential.

Wed o need to be aligned in the compass we align with. Natures ways and the continued emergence of human species seems a good pair to start with. Money and profit generated by novelty consumption stuff by US , you and me and everyone. They must also appreciate that continuing on this pathway is NOT and option if they want a prosperous future for their children and grand-children.

Stono Rebellion - Wikipedia

So whilst capital will still be needed in the future the exploitation of people and nature is NOT an option. This will involve challenging myths and expectations about wealth and material possessions just be grateful for the basics and living a purposeful life. It is that debate about what change is essential and how all individuals, including business people, can contribute that is critical. We will all have to change our priorities and for some businesses that may mean closing down or adapting ie becoming zero carbon businesses and adopting the circular economy.

It goes without saying, I hope, that Government intervention is a critical component of change and therefore lobbying a advocating change is welcome from all quarters. Unfortunately, my experiences have taken me to the same conclusion as yours, as expressed in your fifth point: businesses must be made to behave.

We are in the midst of a slow-motion yet inexorable explosion of compound negative externalities, set to ravage the globe. Just in case my email to you, Jem, did not get to you, here is the information I wanted to pass on:. The series of articles show how venture capitalists have subverted the aims and goals of many not-for-profit NGOs — including XR — to the extent of nullifying efforts to reduce carbon emissions globally.

This strategy is nothing less than The Long Con by the oligarchs of global finance to control the entire climate change discourse to save capitalism and control the planet. Thanks Roger we do need to be aware of these stories and the ways in which Power attempts to subvert everything we do to its own ends. Please, wake up.

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This video should wake you out of your stupor. Jem is well aware of the ills of carbon credit trading and luxury green capitalism. I read this open letter as a critique of the mindset of the CSR sector; it goes to the heart of the problem and is not a full essay with space for numerous examples!

This is an essay to make room for big business and global monopoly capital. This type of apologist stance is very dangerous IMO. Surely you realize that? That is what we are facing. No big businesses or banks are friends of the planet, people, or non-human kin.

I think we should all be very concerned, but few people are aware of what is being planned.


They are way out ahead. I believe it will be linked to behavioral compliance and fed into pay for success investment deals. The growth of IoT surveillance and outsourced social services and digital ID infrastructures are turning people into data and commodities for speculation. Americorps students, for example, are encouraged by that organization to go on food stamps to supplement their meager income. Meanwhile unionized jobs for teachers and education support staff continue to vanish.

Some of our actions were breathtakingly beautiful. Some of our actions were painfully idiotic. Our protests were banned. Our sites were cleared.

It was a disappointing end to the fortnight. Of course, it was by no means a failure. In less than a year, we had staged two of the largest civil disobedience events in the history of the United Kingdom. And, in October, we had grown once again. More people came down to the sites and more people stayed to defend them.

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But there was no pink boat in Oxford Circus. No beautiful garden bridge. And something definitely felt different. At the same, we were facing enormous critique from all sides. Internally, we were also engaged in a fierce and passionate debate about the future of our movement. In Extinction Rebellion, we have always called for system change.

We have always talked about freedom, equality, and solidarity.

But many of us now think we need to be more specific. We want Extinction Rebellion to become proactive in its anti-racism.

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