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Utah divorce law requires both parents to attend a course on the effects of divorce on children and prove completion to the court. Start Your Divorce Today Explore your options.

How is child custody determined in Utah - Ogden Divorce Lawyer

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Valid grounds to get divorce in Utah

Divorce Source, Inc. Utah Divorce Laws Residency and Filing Requirements: In order to file for a divorce in Utah, residency requirements must be met for the court to accept the case.

At that point, the court will grant most or all of the terms in the Complaint for Divorce without waiting to hear from the respondent. If your spouse does not dispute any of the allegations found in the Complaint for Divorce and a divorce settlement has already been formalized and signed by both parties, there may be no need to serve process as your spouse is already a party to the action. If you and your spouse have come to an understanding but have yet to sign a formal agreement, then your spouse should produce an Answer in which they agree to the terms of the Complaint.

divorce in Utah

This removes the need for a trial and allows parties to proceed to the issuance of the final decree for divorce. If your spouse files an Answer that refutes details in the complaint or makes a counterclaim, then the judge will order you and your spouse to trial. This may be a lengthy, involved process that takes a hefty toll on you personally and financially. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on the issues in the divorce like those involving property allocation, alimony or child support, you will probably have to endure a long and costly legal process that will involve a trial.

Because your spouse will probably hire an attorney to represent and protect their interests, it is strongly advised that you do likewise. In Utah, if you and your spouse agree on certain issues, you may proceed through the uncontested divorce process.

Utah Divorce

The simplest and most cost-effective way to get a divorce in Utah is for you and your spouse to be in full agreement about major issues like property distribution and you represent yourself. That is why it is in your best interests to come to an agreement with your spouse before you start the divorce procedure.

You will save a lot of money and trouble by completing the paperwork yourself. Utah courts will often order couples seeking a divorce to use mediation services even if neither party requests it.

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Mediators are conflict resolution experts who help couples come to an agreement on unresolved issues. Mediation is not legally binding, but it may make the divorce process easier, shorter or even unnecessary. If you and your spouse cannot agree on major issues, the judge will order a bench or jury trial that will require you and your spouse to present evidence or testimony supporting your respective positions. In sole custody arrangements, one parent will have the children living with them full-time or at least overnights a year , and the other parent will be entitled to visitation.

Visitation is usually set to at least a minimum of 86 overnights per year. This usually includes a mix of weekends, holidays, and school breaks. With sole legal custody, the parent who was awarded sole physical custody will have the right to make all necessary decisions for the child on their own. While the primary parent does not have to seek consent for their decision from the non-custodial parent, they must share the information as the other parent has the right to know.

How Child Custody is Decided

This type of custody arrangement is not very often used and is primarily reserved for cases where one of the parents is perceived by the court as unfit or unable to care for the children. Split custody is an infrequent occurrence in the judicial system and occurs when two or more children in the household are split up between parents. In this situation, each parent would receive sole and physical custody of one of the children. This type of custody is used when the court deems that it is in the best interest of the children to live separately each with a different parent.

These cases can occur in such instances as siblings that do not get along , a child who has a lot of anger against one parent , or a child who have mental health issues that make separation a better option.

How to Divorce in Utah: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Divorce and child custody proceedings can be both legally and emotionally complicated. If you need help navigating through the Utah child custody legal process, contact the Law Offices of David Pedrazas. With more than 20 years experience practicing family law, Attorney David Pedrazas has the skills and experience to guide you through any child custody case. Call today to schedule your Legal Case Review. Download pdf.