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Putnam County, WV, Family Law Judge, William Watkins, May 23, 2012 MELTDOWN!!!!!

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Contact Kim Bailey with Notice of Proposed Settlement Notice of Proposed Settlement of Estates To the Creditors, Distributees and Beneficiaries of the within named persons: I have before me the final settlement of estates of the following persons, which shall be presented to the County Commission of Putnam County, at the Courthouse, in the City of Notice of Short Form Settlemen If you request a rush order that would cost extra.

Public records like birth, death, marriage and divorce documents are available here from the year till present day. If you cannot find the particular divorce records you are looking for you can always look for the divorce records at the Clerk of Court but only from the county where the divorce proceedings took place. The state of West Virginia also holds all vital records database for public access for genealogical purposes.

County Records in WV

You can order a certified copy of the divorce documents from West Virginia VitalChek. The online process is fast, simple and secure; the best part is that it is a fully authorized portal that works with different agencies to provide users with vital records. You can even avail a rush order through here.

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Records indicate in the census he was married. Are any marriage or divorce records on file in your office. I am attempting to write a genealogical history of my family. These marriage and divorce records are older than 50 years, which is the limitation of our West Virginia Divorce Records Database.

West Virginia Public Records

I believe they were divorced between Would you happen to have either their marriage or divorce records? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time. Thanks for reaching out Jennifer. Unfortunately these are old divorce records so we do not have them in our West Virginia divorce record database. Our divorce records typically only go back 50 years. I need a copy of my divorce. It was Dec or Jan in charleston West Virginia.

Cabell County Marriage & Divorce Records

I live out of state. Name was Nancy Giacalone.

Nancy, in order to obtain a copy of your West Virginia divorce decree there are a few options. You can contact the West Virginia CDC to obtain WV divorce records, you can contact the WV courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed or you can use a 3rd party certified record service called Vital Check. Contact the courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed 3.

Use 3rd party certified resources such as Vital Check. In order to acquire a certified copy of your West Virginia divorce decree you will need to reach out to the West Virginia courthouse where your divorce decree was filed. You can request a copy of this online, over the phone, by mail or in person. Contact the courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed 2. Request a copy of your W. Virginia divorce decree 3. Provide identification and the approximate divorce dates 4. Pay the fee for a certified copy of your divorce decree 5.

Processing may take a few weeks by mail. I was diorced in Charleston in or around ,I went thru legal aid and I am needing a copy of the divorce papers,how can I find this? To obtain an official copy of your W. Virginia Divorce Record you will want to reach out to the court where your W. Virginia divorce decree was filed and request a copy from the courthouse clerk.